The Boost Box

Automatic Volume Control
for Boat Stereos


About Us

Watersport Innovations is a company founded by boat owners for boat owners - with the goal of bringing new and innovative products to the watersport market. The Boost Box is our first product designed to enhance the experience for the driver, rider, and passengers.

The Boost Box is proudly made in the USA.

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Step 1: Insert the guide into the base and extend the folding horizontal arm.
Step 2: Back into position – continue back until the tow vehicle touches the horizontal arm.
Step 3: Maintain proper alignment by keeping the Back-N-Go decal lined-up with horizontal arm on the guide.
Step 4: Your vehicle is now in the perfect position to hitch the trailer. Simply remove the folding guide and hitch your trailer.

Works with any trailer and all types of trucks and SUVs.

The BACK-N-GO trailer alignment system is designed to guide a driver when backing into position to hitch a trailer. The system will give the driver a visual aide to assist with alignment and positioning but will not stop the vehicle from contacting the trailer. The BACK-N-GO system does not prevent the driver from backing into unseen people, objects, or hazards. Always exercise appropriate caution and ensure that no people or obstructions are between the vehicle and the trailer.


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