Perfect for all watersports.

The Boost Box automatically adjusts your stereo volume when pulling riders.  
When you accelerate to pull a rider, the Boost Box automatically turns your
stereo up to compensate for the roar of the engine and the rush of the wind.

When the boat slows back to idle speed to pick up fallen riders, the Boost Box
automatically turns the boat’s stereo back down to the original volume level.

Whether you are pulling water skiers, wakeboarders, wake surfers, or
inflatables, both riders and passengers will love to hear the music automatically
turn up while the driver simply concentrates on safely driving the boat.

The Boost Box is easily adjustable with the simple turn of a knob for a small
volume increase or a huge boost.  So relax, let the Boost Box crank the tunes to
the perfect level, let the crew in the boat continue the party, and enjoy the ride!
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Installs on any boat in minutes.

The Boost Box works on any type of boat - performance inboard towboats,
inboard/outboard runabouts, and cabin cruisers.  Every boat that tows riders
and has a stereo system needs the Boost Box for automatic volume control.

Simply attach the Boost Box to the boat with the included self-adhesive Velcro
tape and then connect it to your boat stereo.  The Boost Box can connect to any
12V power circuit on your boat.

There is no need to locate or splice into the boat's tachometer or speedometer
wiring system.  The Boost Box uses internal gyro sensors to detect the boat's
acceleration and deceleration.  

The patented Boost Box software has been refined through years of customer
feedback to turn the stereo up and back down at the exact right time for all
watersport activities.

The Boost Box is compatible with most major marine stereo brands.  
models for compatibility.
See why the Boost Box is the number one audio upgrade for
performance towboats
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