The Boost Box

Automatic Volume Control
for Boat Stereos


About Us

Watersport Innovations is a company founded by boat owners for boat owners - with the goal of bringing new and innovative products to the watersport market. The Boost Box is our first product designed to enhance the experience for the driver, rider, and passengers.

The Boost Box is proudly made in the USA.

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Automatic Volume Control

on your boat

  • No modifications necessary to current stereo amplifier – equalizer connections. Boost Box won’t introduce noise or alter current stereo set-up.
  • Uses internal sensors. The Boost Box does not connect to the engine, tachometer, or speedometer.
  • You don’t have to buy a new boat to get automatic volume control. The Boost Box easily installs on your boat with your stereo.

See the installation video on our Product Manuals Page

install-imageNo boat modifications necessary, and no need to wire into the boat’s speed or rpm signals. The Boost Box continuously monitors the boat’s acceleration and deceleration with internal sensors. Because the Boost Box works completely by monitoring signals from its internal sensors, it will work with any inboard, V-drive, or inboard/outboard boat.

The Boost Box sends remote control volume commands to your boat’s stereo. Depending on the model, the Boost Box either sends wireless commands to the stereo’s infra-red (IR) receiver or connects to your stereo’s wired remote port.

Installs in three easy steps:

  1. Simply attach the control unit to the boat with the enclosed Velcro tape
  2. Connect the power cable to any 12V power circuit.
  3. Connect the remote transmitter cable to the boat’s stereo.