Boost Box Installation

The Boost Box is designed to install in four quick and easy steps and requires no special
tools.  There is no need to locate or splice into the boat's speedometer or tachometer wiring
system.  The installation and operation manuals for each of the Boost Box models can be
downloaded from the links below.

Step 1.  Attach the Boost Box control unit to a level place on the boat using the included
self-adhesive Velcro tape.  It is best to mount the control unit near the driver so it can be
easily accessed to adjust the control knob.  The Boost Box is water-resistant and does not
need to be protected against the weather.  If the control unit is being mounted to a carpeted
surface, we recommend using small screws to hold the Velcro tape in place.

Step 2.  Connect the Boost Box to the boat's 12-volt power system.  The Boost Box can be
wired into any 12-volt circuit.  The recommended installation is to connect the Boost Box to
the same ground and power wires going to the boat stereo.  If desired, an optional power-
port plug is sold separately on the accessories page.

Step 3.  Connect the Boost Box to the boat stereo using the control cable.  Depending on
the boat stereo, the control cable either connects to the wired remote control unit on stereo
head unit, or connects to the face of the stereo using the self-adhesive IR transmitter

Step 4.  Program the Boost Box for your particular brand of stereo.  The Boost Box only
has to be programmed one time and stores the programming information when it is turned
off, disconnected, or even stored for long periods of time.  The Boost Box must be fully
installed with the boat power on and the stereo on in order to set the program codes.

  •  Quickly rotate the control knob clockwise from the off position to the max boost
    position.  The LED light on the front of the control unit will begin to flash as the Boost
    Box sequences through various stereo control codes.

  •  When the stereo volume turns up, rotate the Boost Box control knob to the mid-point
    and wait for the LED light to stop flashing.

  •  Once the LED light stops flashing, rotate the Boost Box control knob to the off
    position.  Your Boost Box is now programmed and ready for use.

Download Operation and Installation Manuals

WSI 1105 - Boost Box Controller for Sony Marine Stereos

WSI 1107 - Boost Box Controller for Rockford Fosgate Stereos

WSI 1103 - Boost Box Controller for Clarion Marine Stereos

WSI 1109 - Programmable Boost Box for IR Compatible Stereos

WSI 1102 - Boost Box Controller for Kenwood MP-400MR Marine Receiver

Watch the Installation Video
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Control Unit Installation
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The Boost Box is installed, calibrated, and
programmed on a new Axis T23 Wake Boat
with factory Sony Stereo.