The Boost Box

Automatic Volume Control
for Boat Stereos


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Watersport Innovations is a company founded by boat owners for boat owners - with the goal of bringing new and innovative products to the watersport market. The Boost Box is our first product designed to enhance the experience for the driver, rider, and passengers.

The Boost Box is proudly made in the USA.

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WSI 1108Boost Box Wired Controller for Sony and Clarion Marine Stereos Universal programmable controller compatible with all Sony Marine Stereos, and select Clarion Marine Stereos.  Boost Box transmitter cable plugs directly into the back of Sony Marine Stereos using the 3.5mm steering wheel remote connection, or attaches directly to the IR receiver on the faceplate of compatible Clarion Marine Stereos.

The 1108 has been tested and verified compatible with the following stereos.

Sony:  DSX-M50BT, DSX-MS60, CDX-M20, CDX-M60, CDX-H910, CDX-M30, CDX-HS70, MEX-70BT

Clarion:  CMD5, CMD6, CMD7, CMD8, CMD9, M109, M303, M309, M502

Compatible with all new Moomba and Axis boats factory-installed  stereo systems.

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 NEW! – Compatible with all new Malibu Towboats

 WSI 1107 - Boost Box Wired Controller for Rockford Fosgate Stereos Connects directly to the Rockford Fosgate wired remote control connection. Compatible with all Rockford Fosgate Marine Stereos. Compatible with original factory equipment on all new Malibu boats. $189.99 (includes shipping) Add to Cart

 WSI 1109Boost Box Programmable IR Controller for Alpine, Sony, Clarion, Kenwood, JVC and Pioneer Stereos Sends wireless Infra-Red (IR) remote control commands to the boat’s stereo. Compatible with all Alpine, Sony, Pioneer, JVC, Kenwood, and Clarion automotive and marine stereos that accept wireless IR remote control commands. $189.99 (includes shipping).   Add to Cart


WSI 1106Boost Box Wired Controller for JBL Marine Stereos Compatible with all JBL Marine Stereos.  Boost Box transmitter cable plugs directly into your JBL stereos wired remote control connection.   $189.99 (includes shipping) Add to Cart


WSI 1102Boost Box Wired Controller for Kenwood Marine Stereos Compatible only with Kenwood MP-400MR Marine Stereos (original factory equipment on 2006-2009 Supra towboats). Boost Box transmitter cable plugs directly into the back of your Kenwood MP-400MR Marine Stereo. Includes Y adapter to support your existing wired remotes. $189.99 (includes shipping) Add to Cart

WSI 1104 12V Power Port Adapter  - All Boost Box systems come standard with a power connector designed to connect to any 12V circuit on the boat. If direct wiring into the boat’s power system is not desirable, the power port adapter fits any standard 12V power port. $9.99 (includes shipping) Add to Cart


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